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Time on my hands

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I’ve wanted to start a blog to chronicle my Elopement Planning adventures for quite a while. Of course it seemed that there was never enough time. Well, time is certainly one thing that those of us in the wedding business have more of now that we ever expected to have during this beautiful early Spring month. Generally April is one of our busiest months. Not this year. Other than the hustle to reschedule all of our Spring events, we have definitely been gifted with a surplus of time.

Bride and Groom look out at the sun setting over the river
The sun slips away after a riverside Elopement last April

So here I am, writing my first-ever blog post. Something that I’m finding to be equal parts exciting and nerve-wrecking! So tell me, how are you spending your extra hours? Is your house scrubbed from top to bottom? Have you cleaned out your closets and stacked up the donations you’ll take to charity shops once you’re able to venture out of your home once again? Or do you have the kids home from school and extra time during self-isolation is not a concept you understand?

While I’m looking for productive ways to fill my days, my husband is squirreled away in our “home office” trying to transform his work style to fit this new normal. Thankfully, he’s not losing work or income, but he is losing the social interaction on which he thrives. Maybe it seems unlikely that I - the wedding planner with 19 years in the hospitality industry - am not the extrovert in this marriage, but it’s true! Honestly the quarantine has not been difficult for me as I’ve often leaned towards hermit-like tendencies.

I do have to occasionally fight the urge to give in to laziness. I’ve allowed myself only one day (so far!) of binge watching Designing Women while knitting. Do I know how to party or what? But today I’m determined to be more productive. I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity to check off a few more of those projects that have been sidelined for months because of a lack of time. So first, this blog. Second, tackle the closet I’ve been avoiding. Third, Designing Women and knitting! It’s all about balance, right?

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