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Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat it, Too!

With the fears surrounding COVID-19, many couples with weddings planned for May, June, and even July are having to consider a change of plans. While we all hope to have returned to “normal” by Summer, it is a daunting task to stand idly by playing a game of wait-and-see. For those couples who opted out of the waiting game, most have been able to reschedule their wedding for a future time. Sure, the date changed...perhaps the venue changed...maybe one or two of the vendors had to change… But the love remains unchanged and there is still a celebration to look forward to!

As many couples are now resetting their Countdown-to-Wedding-Day clock, there are some who have decided that they want to have their wedding cake and eat it too! And why not? We all deserve a sweet treat after going through this ordeal! The beauty behind Elope-Now-Wedding-Later is that you don’t have to give up your original date or the wedding you’ve planned. In fact, you get to double the number of anniversaries you celebrate each year.

How many brides have said they wish they could redo their wedding day? Same spouse - of course! - but a new dress, different hairstyle, a different bouquet, etc. (Do grooms ever feel this way? I'm constantly telling my husband that the pitfall of being a wedding planner is that I want to have 100 weddings to try out all of the options. He does not seem to share the sentiment!). Maybe you share my desire to try different wedding styles or maybe you were dreaming of a romantic elopement before you opted for a traditional wedding. Either way, consider this a wedding gift from COVID and embrace the opportunity to indulge your fantasy.

By choosing to elope or have a small intimate wedding in advance of the larger traditional wedding, there is now the opportunity to have BOTH of your dream weddings! You can wear that red dress that you loved (but someone convinced you was “inappropriate for a church wedding”). You can have the Cowboy-Themed attire that you secretly wanted. You can have a ceremony with all your friends and family in attendance AND the private ceremony you wanted (am I the only one picturing that scene at the end of Runaway Bride?). And best of all, you can double the size of your wedding album! With a dizzying array of venue options available with a Destination Elopement, you can satisfy your desire for all of those Instagram-worthy pics you’ve been drooling over!

Now that we have all licked our wounds and moved forward with rescheduling all those well-planned weddings, it is time to focus on the upside. You’ve been given a rare chance to marry the person you love TWICE! In a world full of uncertainty, that is quite a remarkable gift. Indulge.

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